Hello lovelies!

We’re finally entering into the autumn season and I could not be happier to not end the day drenched in sweat! Fall is my favorite time of year. The changing colors, cooler weather, the promise of change, and the best holidays of the year. This season is such a blessing.

Around this time of year, I always take the time to rethink my personal goals and dreams. I do it at the beginning of autumn instead of New Year’s because the year begins for me when the school year begins. It triggers more of a “time’s a-changing” reaction in my mind and I find myself to be more successful around this time. To be honest, my goals haven’t changed much over the years but as I’m growing and changing I can always find ways to hone and tailor what I want. This year, I thought I’d rewrite my goals with you.


This one has followed me for 12 years. Almost 13. By next fall, this should not be on my goals list so if it is, call me out on it, deal? πŸ˜‰

The way I’m honing this goal this year involves much more mental acuity than it has in the past. I’ve observed my body enough. I know what will happen if I eat grain or drink coffee or eat a chocolate bar. Now the problem is my power over my mind. I think a lot of people struggle with similar issues: emotional eating, thinking “it’s there so why not” or “it’s only one”. Bad news, everyone. Eating something bad for you once will stick with you for the next 21 days. It takes almost an entire month for your body to recover from the negative effects of one cheat day. Not gonna lie — I’m a little pissed about that. But I can either be moody and broody about not being able to eat what I want to eat when I want to eat it or I can see it as an opportunity to strengthen my mind and teach myself discipline. I choose the latter.

There’s a few ways I’m planning to do this. First, read. There are so many self-help books out there but there is one in particular that I want to start with called Get Out of Your Own Way: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior by Mark Goulston and Philip Goldberg. This is a book I’ve heard of for a few years but have never taken the time to read. But it is intriguing. The jacket description says it is “practical, proven self help steps [to] show how to transform 40 common self-defeating behaviors, including procrastination, envy, obsession, anger, self-pity, compulsion, neediness, guilt, rebellion, inaction, and more”. Interesting, right? I’ll report back.

The second way I’m planning to support myself in strengthening my mind is by allowing other to support me. I am a perfectionist. I like to control my own life. Anything separate from me, I am well aware that I have no ability to control that. But I expect to be able to control my own life. And because of that, I often reject help from people like my fiance or parents or sisters. I’ve begun to accept the fact that without their assistance, I will not achieve this goal. So the support I’m asking for comes in the form of my fiance making sure I workout five days a week. It comes in the form of my best friend reminding me that I do not, in fact, want the M&Ms. And it comes in the form of my mom making sure there is only healthy food in the house when I’m at home. Not that difficult. But the biggest hurdle is myself.


This one is simple. Rank up. This is purely business related and is entirely devoted to my career. Just a quick breakdown of the ranking system for you, so all this makes sense. There are ten ranks in doTERRA: Director, Executive, Elite, Premier, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Blue Diamond, Presidential. At this point, it is conceivable that I can get to Silver by the time we get married (!). So that’s the goal! Keep building, keep training, keep pushing and really challenge myself to conquer my mind and my doubts to jump start my career.


I have one semester left of college. I also have no respect for or inclination to participate in the typical “college experience”. Partying, hanging out with a big group of people all the time, going to a ton of sports games — that literally sounds like torture and a slow death to me. But I’ve been working really hard these past three years and my fiance has to. We haven’t really had any kind of college experience because college is not your last chance to be a kid. That’s probably the worst lie I’ve been told about college. It’s your chance to become an adult before you’re forced to be one. And we take that very seriously. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still get to have fun in a way that we enjoy. So we’ve created a “last semester of college bucket list”! I won’t write it out here because that would make this unbelievably long but you can read about it in this post. As long as we can get this finished, I’ll be happy.


Ever since I got engaged, everyone always says to me, “Oh, you must be so stressed, planning a wedding and all”. And all I can think is “mmm, nope, not really”. Of everything in my life, the wedding has been the least stressful thing. It’s been my escape, one of the sources of joy in my life, and that’s exactly how I think it’s supposed to be. A wedding is about the ceremony, the fact of getting married and committing ourselves to each other before God and our families. It is not about the dress, the reception, the pretty flowers. Do those things matter? Yes. Do I want them to be perfect? Absolutely. Does the day revolve around them? No. It actually doesn’t. And until August, I wasn’t stressed at all. But all through the first few weeks of the month, I allowed decor planning and walkthroughs and my own day-of look to stress me out. And I got to thinking, why? Why would I do that to myself? This is meant to be joyful. This is meant to be the second-best day of our lives, the first being when our children are born. So why on earth would I allow it to get to me? So I decided not to. I’ve reached a point of peace about whatever happens on our wedding day (thank you covid) because at the end of the day, we’ll be married. We will be husband and wife forever no matter what and that is all that I truly care about. So my goal this fall is to avoid allowing stress into the planning of this wonderful day and keep my eyes focused on the prize.


This is something I have struggled with consistently over my life. But it’s only been in the past year or so that my prayer life has dwindled down to basically nothing. And I’m not okay with that. So in order to revitalize my prayer life and insert God into my daily choices, I’m picking up my daily devotional again. I have a beautiful journaling Bible from Blessed Is She — I have opened it twice since receiving it so that will be changing. I will also be scheduling adoration into my weekly schedule. I go to a Catholic school. I have only three in-person classes this semester. I have no excuse for not making time for God.


To be perfectly honest, I do not know if this is doable. But I want to finish strong and I want to feel good about my last semester of college. A good send-off into my life, if you will. I have 18 credits this semester and most of those are online. So is there a reason I shouldn’t get straight A’s? No, not really. So why not make it intentional?


I am not good with money. I’m not. Money was a bit of a taboo topic as a child but my parents struggled mightily until just this past year when my dad got a remote job. My older sister and I grew up falling asleep to the tune of my parents discussing our questionable financial position. And yet, I never received any real financial education. My fiance and I are going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and it is honestly the most inspirational, clarifying, and positive financial training that I’ve ever heard of. It’s so simple. Complete these seven baby steps and you’re off. It’s like a launching pad. So I want to put what I’ve learned to work and get something of a savings together before we get married. Realistically, $2000 is the most I can get together. So let’s see if I can get there.


For those who don’t know, Joe and I are high school sweethearts. Freshman year (2013!), he told a friend that he would marry me. I don’t think we had even spoken at that point. And we’ve basically been an old married couple since 6 months into our relationship. We’ve settled into each other a little bit more than a typical relationship and while that is certainly not a bad thing — I see it as quite a positive — it does mean that we aren’t growing that much. So I want to change that a little bit. I want to encourage more connection between us and to do that, we need to center God in our relationship more. We need to pray together, we need to read the Bible together, maybe go to adoration together. And we need to love God and care for each other’s soul more than we love each other. For those who aren’t Christian, that is going to sound odd. But it is actually key to a healthy relationship. If you love God more than your spouse, your love for your spouse will only grow. If you care for their soul and work to keep them out of sin, not only will they be more open to the Lord but you will see blessings and joy in your life that would not be there otherwise. Joe and I need to encourage each other toward God in the context of our relationship. This goal might be the most important on this list.


This one is obvious! Grow with all of you! Get to know you, let you get to know me, and make this an optimistic corner of the Internet. Everyone needs one of those places, right?


I started an Instagram account devoted to my doTERRA business over a year ago. I haven’t posted in probably over six months. I want to get back to that. I really enjoyed posting and I want a place to connect with people in a more personable way than this blog. I want to edit it a bit as well, though, and make it more than just doTERRA. I want it to include all parts of my life, instead of just my love for essential oils. But that will still be part of it, I promise!

And there it is! My 10 goals for fall. I feel pretty good about those. What are your goals for this year? I want to hear! Share them below and maybe inspire another reader to join in.