My college years are ending quite quickly. It’s gone by so fast and it’s throwing me off because I’m realizing there are things that we have talked about doing that we’ve never done. So Joe and I sat down and wrote out a Fall 2020 Bucket List. It’s just a few things that we’ve meant to do in the past three years but haven’t taken the time to do. For those wondering what on earth we could find to do in North Dakota (relatable, I had the same question), here’s some ideas!

  1. Go to Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park – This is a state park about 30 minutes from our school. There is a military fort on the property, as well as a reproduction Native American village. You can camp there, ride horses, hike the trails. It’s a great way to experience the North Dakota scenery (that actually does exist! Shocker.).
  2. Have a bonfire and set off fireworks at The Desert – Disclaimer: not an actual desert. It’s just a small sandy area down on the bank of the Missouri River that runs directly below the bluff our school is built on. It’s a great place to hang out, have a bonfire, and watch the sunset. We have some new students that we know from high school coming this year and we want to have a bonfire as a way to welcome them to UMary!
  3. Go to McKenzies – This restaurant is our hangout. It’s the one place we go: dates, girls nights with my best friend, dinner after church on Sunday. Whenever we go out to eat, we go here. Joe and I have to go here for a “last time” at the end of the semester. PSA: Get the Lodgepoles and the pepperoni pizza. Classic.
  4. Go to the zoo – We haven’t done this! Somehow, we haven’t gone to the zoo in the three years we’ve been up there. But don’t worry. This will be remedied this fall.
  5. Go swimming in the Missouri River – This was a bit of a last-minute addition to our list but we realized that this is something so commonly done at our school but we’ve never taken the time to do it. Hopefully, this winter won’t come in very soon so we’ll actually have some time to go.

It’s a little bitty list but I think it’ll be fun. What’s on your bucket list for fall?