Hello lovelies!

I’ve been planning to make a vision board for approximately 18 months at this point. And I finally did it.

I have no idea why I waited this long. It was so much fun!

Before I reveal my finished product, let’s talk about why you would create a vision board in the first place.

What is a vision board? What’s the point?

Vision boards have become quite popular in the self-improvement world. For a long time, they were just something fun you could create — something like a physical Pinterest board of your dream life. But there is actually a purpose for creating such a thing and seeing all your goals in one place. Psychologically, the visual representation of your goals and dreams can shift your subconscious towards the actions that will get you there. The power of your mind is highly underestimated. It’s easy to believe that our minds are weak or that once we think one thing about ourselves we will never overcome it. The number of people who have said to me, “I hate this about myself but I have to learn to live with it because I’ll never be rid of it” is ridiculous. And it’s simply not true.

You can change everything about your life. All it takes is focus, vision, and determination. Our minds are the most powerful tool we as humans possess and they deserve to be nurtured.

The beauty of a vision board is that you can literally do whatever you want with it. It makes no difference what your goals are. It could be something as lofty as building a multi-million dollar business or as simple as waking up at the same time every day. You decide what you want on there. You decide what goals to achieve.

On to creating!

The goals I decided deserved a spot on my vision board were my doTERRA business, my weight loss, and building my confidence/general self-improvement. I also included my Ten Year Goals that I wrote during a business-building exercise.

The first thing I did was collect my materials (OBviously).

These are all the materials I'm using! Don't forget the coffee.

I also ended up using some of my gold brads I use for scrapbooking. I already owned all of these materials except for the magazines but if you aren’t an avid scrapbooker like yours truly, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are BEST places ever to shop for pretty paper and stickers. Great variety and almost everything is on sale all the time. I had a vague idea of what I wanted my board to look like but I let it be dictated by what papers and colors I already had.

Before I put anything on my board, I went through the magazines and ripped out images or quotes that brought me joy and peace and made me feel like myself. REMEMBER: This is your vision board. Everything on here should make you feel like you. It should resonate with you, not anyone else. If it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t go on the board.

I did not end up using all of the pages I ripped out — in fact, I used only two or three. But Magnolia is probably the best magazine for Pinteresty imagery. I got mine at Target but you can find them literally everywhere. Barnes and Noble has a great magazine rack to look through if Magnolia isn’t your thing.

A cork board, some scrapbook pages, and some magazine images to get me started.

Like I said, I really didn’t design it before I made it. I had some idea in my head of the basic format I wanted and some design elements but I didn’t want it to be too planned either. So, I placed these 12×12 pieces of paper in the corners and just started laying things down.

My cork board is almost completely covered with scrapbook paper and the most important item for my board, as well as some quotes.

I used some printer paper to fill in most of the space and purposely left some brown showing through. I like the brown mixed with lighter colors.

My top tip for any creative paper crafts! Rip. The. Paper. It creates texture, uniquely shaped pieces, and the paper goes a lot farther.

The first piece I put down was the paper at the top with the picture attached. That is my weight loss reward plan — currently my most important goal. Reward systems are super effective! There’s actually science behind it and I encourage you to try one out if you need some extra motivation. I gave myself a new reward every ten pounds because I’ve learned that every ten pounds, my body shows the next level of change. I assigned each level a reward, like a manicure or new workout clothes. Super easy and effective!

Then I added quotes and sayings that have significance to me. I tried to keep all weight-loss-goal-connected-stuff in the middle of the board, so the final product ended up roughly split into thirds.

I used this as the bones of my vision board and I just kept adding things on top of it.

I've continued building with quote stickers and ripped paper.

Just keep building the layers.

I've added some inspirational saint and Bible verse stickers.

Tip #2: don’t tape/tack anything down until you’ve placed it and you’re sure you like how it looks. It is way too easy to ruin a project because you tape it down and change your mind.

When I decided I liked how it looked, I taped everything down. I didn’t want my board overrun with tacks, especially because the ones I have are multi-colored and would look so weird on the colorstory I had going on. So for the smaller pieces of paper, I used my scrapbook adhesive. I only used tacks for the larger pictures or pieces of paper and only used the pink ones. Besides, the pink ones are the prettiest, am I right? 😀

So! Here’s my finished vision board!

My final vision board -- pink and cream themed with my reward system, inspo photo, and my business goals.

It’s so pretty! I’m so happy with it. On the left side are my business and ten-year goals. The middle is my weight loss goal and on the right is general self-improvement. I got all the stickers at a Catholic conference called SEEK, as well as all the printed quotes. That picture in the middle is me at one of my lowest weights — a constant reminder that I’ve been there and I can get there again.

When you’ve finished it, put it in a place you will see it every day. If you have an at-home office, put it over your desk as daily motivation. Since I’m still living in a dorm (two and a half months left!), I hung mine above my bed.

You can do this. You are capable, you are strong, you are worth it. The life you dream of is attainable.

What goals deserve a spot on your vision board? Comment below!