I know, guacamole recipes are all over the Internet. There are tons of variations and you can literally make it up as you go. Which is exactly how I created this variation. I found the original recipe on inspiredtaste.net but as I tried it and my diet changed, I modified it to fit me and my family – took some ingredients out, added some, and I honestly haven’t found one to contest with it. Here is the original recipe. I removed the tomatoes and the jalapenos (although I love a lot of spice, my body can’t handle a lot of peppers so I just don’t add them). I removed the tomatoes because of a slight allergy. I’m sure it would be DELICIOUS but I also don’t feel the need for either ingredient. What I added were some spices. Only a few, but they make all the difference.

Simple guacamole recipe

Super simple, super quick. Another change I made is replacing the lime juice with lemon juice. Sometimes I use 15-20 drops of doTERRA Lemon essential oil instead. I prefer lemon to lime in guacamole because it brings out the flavor of the avocado much better. Avocado is a very (dare I say) basic, almost-not-there flavor. The lemon juice increases the flavor and works much better with the combination of spices, avocado, and onion. If you’re wondering how I’m putting an essential oil in my food and am not dead yet, check out this post!

Now, I added measurements for all spices so you have a base to build from but if we’re being completely honest, I have never once measured my spices. I dump in however much I want, mixing and adding until it tastes how I want. But that’s the beautiful thing about a recipe like this – you can make it exactly how you want it. These are my favorite spices to use but you can literally do whatever you want with them. If cooking without measuring makes you nervous, start with the measurements provided, and then taste it. You can add from there and that will give you a bit more control.

Tag me on Instagram if you make this! I love seeing your creations.