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Hello lovelies!

Today, I want to share my “top 10 must-have, always, always, always repurchase” essential oil tools. These are the tools I use daily in my doTERRA business and in my personal life. Almost all of these are from Oil Life, which is my absolute favorite place to get oil tools. Oil Life sells everything except the oil. They work directly with doTERRA, so you can find all sorts of adorable doTERRA merchandise on there too! They also have AMAZING sales on super frequently — I’m talking 60%, 70%, 80% off. Yeah. I know.

The Essential Life Book

Or, as I call it, the Oil Bible. You guys. This is necessary. It really is. I literally own three of these. If you are an essential oil lover, thinking of starting your business, or simply want to learn more about essential oils, get this first. It’s a comprehensive reference book that is pretty enough to keep on a coffee table. In the first section, it lists ailments and the five most popular oils to use for those ailments. The second section is every single one of doTERRA’s oils and blends. They update it every year with the new products that come out at doTERRA Convention! They also include recipes and specific information concerning every part of life you could like of: cleaning, self-care, pregnancy, the skeletal system, the nervous system, cardiovascular, candida, children…. I’m running out of breath. It is the best reference book I’ve found.

Sample Bottles

These are primarily used for sampling essential oils when you’re building the business but I use them in my daily life as well. They’re great for carrying your must-have oils without taking the entire bottle. This way, you can ensure you have everything you need without weighing yourself down — so much lighter and you can get the cutest pouches to carry them in! My favorites are below.


Every time I welcome someone new into our wonderful doTERRA community, I tell them to stock up on rollerballs. Essential oils are even more powerful when used together and the easiest way to accomplish this is to mix them in a rollerball. doTERRA sells some pre-made rollers which are fantastic but oftentimes, we have other ailments that need different oils. When you have a roller, you can create custom blends for individual ailments and mix whatever oils you want. I think I have about 10 rollers currently in use. Maybe 12 or 13…. Anyway, if you’re using oils, you need these. Just trust me.

Fractionated Coconut Oil

This is another product I always tell oil newbies to stock up on. If you have sensitive skin (especially if you have sensitive skin), make sure to get this to dilute some of your oils. The oils are just as effective when diluted; it just takes a little bit longer to absorb into the skin. We call it a carrier oil because it helps the oil to absorb into the bloodstream and it helps it stick around a little while longer.

There are a few different kinds of carrier oils but FCO is the most popular because it is really good for your skin and it doesn’t leave any greasy residue like a lot of other oils (like coconut or olive oil). The one I’ve linked is from Oil Life and it is an absolute gamechanger because it has (drumroll please!) a pump. Yes, a frickin pump. I love it. It’s amazing. It brings me joy. If you’ve used this one from doTERRA, then you know how easy it is to spill the oil when you’re just trying to fill your rollerball. I am stingy with my FCO because I use a lot of it so I need it to stretch but the bottle from doTERRA is not easy to work with. A pump is an absolute lifesaver. Highly recommend.

Carrier Bags/Sample Keychain

This is a tool that I thought was completely unnecessary. I just threw the bottles I wanted in a small pocket of my backpack and went on with my day. But it was so disorganized and I could never find anything and I was worried that a bottle would break so I bought a little bag. Life-changing. I own a few of these now in a few different sizes.

The first one I recommend for everyone is this sample keychain. It holds eight sample bottles and it’s great because you can personalize it to whatever you need. I drink Lemon in my water every day, so I have a bottle of Lemon. I put Grapefruit on my acne so I carry that one when I have a breakout. My mom has a list of eight that she always has with her. And when you use it up, you refill it from your full-size bottle. Easy-peasy.

The next one I think every essential oil connoisseur needs is a bag to fit in your purse or backpack. I LOVE this one. It’s so cute! It holds 12 regular size bottles and 48 sample bottles, so it is a bit larger. If you need something smaller, this one is really cute too – comes in a few different colors. And this one is a great size and a practical hardback case. There’s so many others that you can buy depending on your needs, but these are the two I recommend starting with.

Essential Oil Cap Stickers

Stickers!!! Okay, you need stickers. This is the best part of using essential oils. I’m not kidding. Every time you get a new bottle of oil, you get to put a pretty sticker on top of it. I mean, that’s a harbinger of joy right there. It’s the little things, okay?


I get a special thrill when I open a new diffuser. I don’t know why — they’re just so pretty! Oil Life has some really lovely ones. This is the one I’m using now. It’s the perfect size for my dorm room and it’s easy to pack away for travel or storage. I use it all the time and it’s inexpensive too, which is great for a college budget. Their Whisper Diffuser is also super popular — very sleek and slim. It would be perfect in an office. Just tuck it away on your desk or on a table in the corner and it’ll make your office smell pretty without being distracting. But the one I’m eyeing for our living room is the Volo Marble Diffuser from doTERRA. It’s so eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. I can totally see this on our coffee table and I’m excited.

Stainless steel or glass water bottle

A lot of people are nervous about the idea of drinking essential oil. I totally get it. Don’t drink essential oils unless the company can prove the oil is pure and has absolutely nothing else in it except the oil itself. That is why I’m comfortable drinking doTERRA oils; the company publishes all their test results for each batch of oil and is open and honest about their process.

If you do drink oils, you need a stainless steel or ceramic water bottle. Here’s why: plastic is toxic. doTERRA oils are not. If you put any essential oil in a plastic container, it will begin to break down those toxins, which then get mixed in with the oil and water. I had this happen to one of my water bottles before I knew you shouldn’t use plastic. A white ring began to form around the neck of the bottle and it was literally thinning out and would have broken if I hadn’t gotten rid of it. There are good water bottles everywhere but if you want to show some doTERRA pride, I love this one.

Bottle opener

I have found this so very useful. I use it frequently for peeling off the dropper so that I can get the last few drops of oil out of the bottle. You can get the dropper off without a tool if you take a tissue and grip and pull, but I’ve found that that can easily waste a lot of oil. Learn the easy way. Do as I say, not as I do, ‘kay?

Veggie caps

Veggie caps. What an odd tool, right? And yet, I use them every single day. These are fantastic for creating your own little pill. I deal with a lot of bloating, candida (aka parasites that apparently really like me and won’t fricken leave me aloooone), and some other digestive issues. So, every night, I mix Frankincense, Pink Pepper, Turmeric, Copaiba, and Slim&Sassy in a veggie cap and take it like a pill. I also rub Slim&Sassy and Arborvitae on my stomach before bed and it supports all my issues. Super cheap, super easy, and you can make any blend you need for your own health challenges.

These are the tools I use every day in my oil life. This is a great list to go off of if you’re new to oils and not sure what else you need in your supply cabinet.

What is your favorite oil tool? Any I didn’t mention here?

Talk soon!